im no beauty queen but he still calls me beautiful

hey there! the names morgan, but people call me peanut(: my favorites are surfing, music, friends, meeting new people, hot guys, and making people laugh! i love smiling and laughing and cuddling with people. sorry guys im taken, and girls, you are all beautiful!! love love love

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i’m ugly-laughing way too hard at this.


This is what being a Cast Member means to me. Being able to make magic and memories, though I might not always be able to remember you, I will always remember your smile. Thats why I love doing what I do. I’m very lucky to work in the place where dreams come true.

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This is the only post on this site I care about

only thing in life i care about


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drum solo dreams


drum solo dreams

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my school’s principal and head of school made a video to announce our snow day you should all watch it you won’t regret it!!

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Winnie-the-Pooh made its debut on February 3, 1924 and was inspired by the beloved teddy bear of A.A. Milne’s four-year-old son, Christopher Robin. His original bear, named Edward and eventually renamed to Winnie-the-Pooh, survives and now lives at the New York Public Library. Pictured above, Edward Bear with his friends – Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Kanga – in the NYPL collection. 

Celebrate Pooh’s birthday with this rare and wonderful recording of Milne reading from his classic

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Dr. Seuss was not even in the general area of fucking around.

#everyone thinks of dr seuss as some sweet old guy who wrote kids books and made up cute words#little do they know he was the most hardcore political motherfucker to ever draw cartoons for newspapers of all time basically#he was of german and jewish descent and got bullied a lot as a kid#then he grew up and drew cartoons for the school paper#and when he got fired for being to fucking real for the paper to handle he made up a new name and KEPT SUBMITTING THEM ANYWAY#BECAUSE HE NEVER FUCKED AROUND FOR A SECOND#DID YOU KNOW DR SEUSS DID A FEATURE LENGTH DOCUMENTARY AFTER WWII ABOUT HOW WWII WASN’T ACTUALLY OVER AND THE NAZIS WERE STILL ALL AROUND#IT WAS CREEPY AS ALL FUCK AND MORE HARDCORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW#IT WON A FUCKING OSCAR OR SOME SHIT#HE DID KIDS BOOKS ON A WHIM HIS REAL TALENT WAS DISMANTLING FASCIST REGIMES WITH ADORABLE BLACK AND WHITE SKETCHES OF TURTLES#OH YEAH AND YURTLE THE TURTLE WAS ABOUT HITLER#AND THE SNEECHES WERE ABOUT SEGREGATION#SO FUCK Y’ALL AND YOUR CANDY-ASS VISION OF DR SEUSS

I think almost all of his stories have a deeper meaning and Horton Hears a who was written as an apology to the Japanese after WWII

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Meanwhile, in Japan

sometimes you just got to stop questioning the japanese and accept it.


dont exercise with the ball

be the ball

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